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You Can Be Part of Ivan’s Legacy

By Beloved Ivan Press

We invite you to help us raise $20,000 to complete Ivan’s statue. The full-size bronze sculpture costs $250,000, most of which has been given by foundations. We think it is important for the community to share ownership in this groundbreaking project, so we invite you to be part of it! The sculpture is based on a photograph taken of Ivan examining a flower during his first day in an outdoor home. The sculpture is created by cutting-edge 3D printing technology, and each bronze piece will contain Ivan’s ashes.

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Statue to Tacoma’s ‘Ivan the Gorilla’ to be erected at zoo

By Beloved Ivan Press

PRESS: Fox Q13

TACOMA — Do you remember Ivan the gorilla?

The massive primate, who was born in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, was captured in the wild as a baby and raised in the home of his Tacoma owner until 1969 when he got too big and was moved to a small enclosure at the B&I shopping center on South Tacoma Way; he stayed there for 27 years.

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Beloved ‘Ivan the Gorilla’ immortalized with giant statue

By Beloved Ivan Press

Ivan Maquette Statue

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TACOMA, Wash. — A beloved gorilla who once occupied a Lakewood storefront is being immortalized with a statue at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Ivan, a western lowland gorilla, spent decades displayed as an attraction at the B&I store before being moved to Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, then an Atlanta zoo in 1994.

On Tuesday, metal artisans at Two Ravens Studio Foundry worked on the bronze statue that’s set to be installed at the Tacoma zoo this summer.

Ivan the gorilla will return to Tacoma in statue form

By Beloved Ivan Press

Ivan was one of a kind.

His soulful gaze, his laughter after banging on the glass to startle visitors to the B&I Shopping Center and his human-like behavior helped the silverback gorilla carve an iconic place for himself in Tacoma.

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