Biggest Little Store in the World

Biggest Little Store in the World

On August 20th of 2012, a Gorilla named Ivan had passed away at his home in Zoo Atlanta at the age of fifty.  Loved throughout his life, in the end his best friend sat with him & held his hand while he passed. A true testament of his value to all who knew him.

Four years after his passing on October 25th of 2016 the Beloved Ivan campaign that had been coordinated by the Friends of Ivan had come to its completion by successfully raising enough funds to erect a permanent monument of Ivan the Gorilla® at the entrance to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.  A lasting tribute to honor Ivan while reminding us of what can be done by our kind for his.  As years pass the population of his species struggles while ours flourishes.  We have an opportunity to share this world by all who call it home.  To continue his legacy, 10% from each sale of limited-edition Ivan the Gorilla® merchandise will either go to the Dian Fossey Foundation or the Wildlife Conservation Society in Ivan’s name.

An homage to Ivan

The contents of this website are to serve as a true account of the life of Ivan the Gorilla® as told by his friends & family.  It is a collection of pictures taken throughout his life, his treasured artwork, family stories & media from the campaign that had created his monument.  This homage to Ivan provides an understanding of his life while defining his ambassadorship to gorillas around the globe. To ensure that these majestic tribes survive in their native homelands, it is necessary to preserve their natural habitats.

There has always been one truth regarding Ivan the Gorilla®, everyone had their own Ivan story. His story and personality had simply resonated something within us. A remembrance of a long-forgotten kinship or a movement that had brought awareness to how animals should be respected.  His life was truly unique among his kind & it was filled with many rich experiences as well as controversies.  A tale that should have never come to pass, this life of a gorilla named Ivan will only be lived this once.

The true measure of any legend is to tell its story. When it comes to Ivan there are just as many truths as well as fiction, spoken together or not; in the end, how we choose to tell his story is the real value.

Whichever side you chose to stand, it only mattered that you stood for him.