“The opportunity to create a life-sized image of a silverback western lowland gorilla is one of those rare events in my life. This great gorilla, Ivan by name, was an icon in the South Puget Sound area, where he lived for over three decades, and then  18 more years at the Atlanta Zoo. Ivan’s representation is more than a bronze, it is portraiture of a living being who shared attributes with us all.” – Douglas Granum

Mr. Granum derives inspiration from his world travel and appreciation of the unusual – disparate places and experiences: such as trekking the jungles of New Guinea, enjoying plein air painting in Russia’s northern Urals, drifting down China’s Yangtze River, looking at the stars in a Serengeti night sky, and fishing commercially in the storm-tossed Gulf of Alaska.

Mr. Granum’s most recent installation is a 6 ½-foot bronze commercial dock worker holding an 80 pound salmon at the Harbor History Museum in Gig Harbor, Washington. The original image for the work is a 1909 photograph taken by Asahel Curtis on the Bellingham, Washington waterfront.

Mr. Granum’s works are beyond a category. From his studio in Southworth, Washington his paintings, glass pieces, metal and stone sculptures are found worldwide. www.Douglasgranum.com